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Self insight: compass for life
You are in the midst of the fast-paced world and full life. You want to develop your potential, manifest your soul mission and soul quality in freedom and loving connection. A human being is more than a body with a personality. We have a body and personality but we are consciousness. We are constantly evolving as a soul (essence) from (before) birth to (after) death. Sometimes things run smoothly, other times you experience a lot of headwinds. In either case, you may feel the need to gain more insight into yourself and your soul's path in this life.

You may encounter all kinds of obstacles, limitations and dilemmas on your inner and/or outer life journey. Then it's fine to be able to deepen and clarify your insight into yourself and your life's path in order to (re)enter the flow of life from your essence. On your life journey, you can make good use of a compass. I guide you in (re)discovering, (re)calibrating your inner compass, with which you can navigate sovereignly over the turbulent waters of your inner and outer life.

Significant developments in astrology
Humanity is constantly evolving, and so is astrology. In it, significant developments and fruitful innovations have taken place in recent decades. The 20th century saw the blossoming of psychological astrology, which offers insights into the personality in the midst of everyday duality. Depth psychologist Carl Jung used birth charts in his practice. And hundreds of birth charts were discovered in the archives of transpersonal psychologist Roberto Assagioli in 2012, which this founder of psychosynthesis used in his work with clients. That they used birth charts has great significance for transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy and astrology.

Using 21st-century evolutionary, structural (Invisible Luminaries), spiritual and transpersonal astrology, you can not only gain insight into your potential, talents, qualities and pitfalls. It also gives you deep and clear insight into your spiritual development path, soul development path, family karma, soul mission, soul quality and soul intentions. Into your central life themes and core issues. This insight can support you to shape your life meaningfully.

My approach: synergy of cognition and intuition
As an astrologer, I can assist you with a consultation. I combine psychological, (family) karmic, evolutionary, structural and spiritual/transpersonal astrology, to deepen and clarify your insight into your inner development process. I shed light on your life and soul themes. The natal chart is a clear mirror, a magnificent map and a pure compass all in one, supporting you in gaining accelerated self-insight. Thus, the natal chart is a wonderful tool for your inner development process.

Incidentally, the planets and stars do not 'influence' or 'direct' you. Nor does the natal chart show a fixed, immutable life destiny. By becoming aware, your creative voice in your life destiny actually increases. Getting your personality and soul aligned is an art of life. Your intention and intrinsic motivation to want to examine yourself and your life and/or to bring in the questions that are essential to you are an essential key to unlocking the wealth of information contained in your birth chart. This is where the principle of synchronicity comes into play: experiencing meaningful connections between realities that are (seemingly) independent of each other.

My cognitive and intuitive abilities operate jointly at full capacity, both during preparation and during the consultation. I also use various astrological progression techniques, which show the current situation. These also make visible what developments may be taking place astrologically. To be clear: I do not make predictions. However, it is possible to use your birth chart to shed light on the general development themes and trends that might play a role in your life. The natal chart is an unparalleled delicate and complex tool. I therefore do not use astrological jargon during the consultation (it is not a lesson in astrology).

Past lives?
The birth chart can also give information about themes from past lives that may still resonate now. Perhaps this option is a bridge too far for you, because you don't believe in reincarnation. Then consider this: the experience of evolutionary astrologers is that you don't have to believe in this either. The themes in question turn out to play a role in your life anyway. For example, because they were caused by events around your birth or developments in your earliest stages of life. You could also see it this way: you resonate with certain primal themes in the collective unconscious. In an evolutionary/spiritual astrological consultation, you can become aware of these resonating themes.

Follow-up sessions
As a counselor, after an initial astrological consultation I can guide you in one or more follow-up sessions about the themes that have emerged and that you want to explore or resolve further. I can assist you astrologically, transpersonally and philosophically, from a spiritual, integral and non-dual perspective.

Solar chart
This consultation is only possible if you have already done a birth chart consultation. I interpret the developmental trends visible in the solar chart (on the medium wave), which are valid for only one year from one birthday to your next birthday. I do this in relation to the themes and dynamics in your natal chart and in relation to the development trends (progressions and transits) on the long wave, which are valid for more than a year.

You could see it this way as if the natal chart is the riverbed into which your life stream flows. The secondary directions and transits are like a curve of a few years in that stream, and the solar chart is a temporary illumination of part of the water surface in that curve. A sparkle of a year.

The art of life of aligning your soul and personality is a lifelong journey. You could see each solar year as a phase or part on your soul's developmental path, wanting and being able to manifest soul themes through the personality.

All types of questions that live in you at the moment you ask your questions with respect to a birth chart consultation can therefore also be asked with respect to a solar chart consultation. Except that the interpretation is only valid for the year from your one birthday to your next birthday (apart from the reading I give about the long wave that extends over several years).

Relationship consultation
A relationship consultation is meant for partners who have a question about their relationship. Or who keep stumbling into certain patterns in their relationship as partners. And who want to gain insight into those questions or patterns. Or anyway want to gain more insight into their relationship and the potential of the relationship.

It is fine if the partners let me know the questions/topics/issues before I start my preparation. Of course, questions can also be asked during the consultation that then spontaneously come to mind. A relationship consultation consists of three sessions.

The first and second consultation (duration per consultation: two hours)
In these I interpret the relationship image that emerges in the birth chart. In the first consultation of one partner. In the second consultation of the other partner. I highlight what you yourself are looking for in a partner (relationship), what you yourself have to offer in a relationship and what themes and dynamics play a role in this. As a whole person, you are in a relationship with a whole person. Therefore, important other components in the natal chart are also covered, such as the ground structure of your personality and the development path of your soul. Both partners are present at both sessions. So you will hear what emerges in your partner's birth chart about the relationship pattern, the ground structure of the personality and the development path of the soul. The intention here is that each partner only listens and does not interfere in the conversation I have with the person to whom I give the reading. In fact, it is already very valuable for the understanding of the relationship if you are just open to the general relationship pattern, the ground structure of the personality and the soul development path of your partner. And to what is discussed between me and the partner during the reading.

Between the first/second and third consultation
The first and second consultation we do on two different days. You can listen to the audio recording, which allows it to sink in further. Any questions that come up can be brought into the third consultation.

The third consultation (duration: two hours)
One or two weeks later in the third consultation, I delve into how you interact as partners. How you relate to each other. What themes/dynamics within the relationship in particular are or can be expressed. How the relationship itself can take shape. And what themes and dynamics are at play in the relationship. This is done using a synastry horoscope and a composite horoscope. Here, I connect the partners' birth charts with each other using specific astrological techniques. In this consultation, the three of us have a dialogue about the relationship, what is going on in it, and what will be addressed within the consultation.

It is also possible - if you are open to this as partners - to look at the relationship from a karmic/evolutionary perspective. Insofar as there are indications of this in the birth chart, the synastry and composite horoscope, I can include the themes/dynamics that play a role in previous lives. I cannot indicate concrete circumstances from previous lives. However, I can mention themes/dynamics that played a role in previous lives and that now want to be resolved between you as partners in this life. If the framework of past lives does not appeal to you, we can also consider this part in the light of deeply embedded themes/dynamics that play a role in the relationship anyway.

In all this, it is important that both partners are willing to look at themselves, the partner and the relationship from an astrological perspective. And to be open to what emerges in it. This means that in the first and second consultation, there is a mutual interaction between me and the person I am giving a reading. So the other partner then just listens. In the third consultation, it is appreciated that there is an interaction between all three of us in a joint conversation. The depth also depends on the partners' willingness to look at themselves, to examine themselves and the relationship, and to be open to what may emerge. I do not use astrological jargon during these three consultations.

About me
I am 58 years old and have been immersing myself in various forms of astrology for 35 years, so my understanding is constantly deepening. Meanwhile, I have given many consultations to people on their outer and inner development path, supporting them in gaining (self)insight. 

To further qualify myself in the noble metier of astrologer, I did the four-year training to become a professional astrologer at Caelestis, School for Astrology, Consciousness and Spirituality in Utrecht. And in this context, I also participated in an educational exchange programme with the Blue Rose - School of Astrology in Ireland over the course of two years. 

In 2020, I obtained the diploma of recognised practicing astrologer accredited by the two national professional associations for astrology: AVN and ASAS. I am registered as an accredited practicing astrologer member of the ASAS.

In addition, I did the four-year course in transpersonal psychology at the Academy of Humanities, also in Utrecht, graduating as a transpersonal counselor in 2021. For both studies, I graduated with the thesis: Heaven’s gear for clear awareness: Synergy of transpersonal astrology and transpersonal psychology - On the value of astrology in the 21st century.

Since 2021, I teach astrology at Caelestis, and transpersonal counseling at the Academy of Humanities.

After studying musicology (including cultural philosophy and developmental psychology) at university, and after the pedagogical academy, I worked in education for many years. I have also been musically active for over forty years and engaged in self-taught studies of Western and Eastern philosophy, meditation, mysticism, esotericism, spirituality, non-duality (advaita and dzogchen), Spiral Dynamics, (Integral) Human Design and integral approaches to life. On many and long journeys, I got to know several African and Asian cultures from the inside out.

A golden thread in my life is a deep interest in consciousness, development and awareness processes (emotional, mental, spiritual and relational) and guiding them by giving people insight into what they encounter on their soul and life journey. I offer a listening ear based on non-judgemental awareness. I can guide you to create order and clarity in the chaos of inner struggles and dilemmas. 

Astrological consultations

- In a consultation, I delve into themes and dynamics in:

1) the ground structure of your personality

2) the connecting bridge between your personality and soul (essence)

3) the developmental path of your soul (essence).

- A double consultation offers the opportunity to delve extra deeply into these three parts. Experience shows that because of the interaction that is triggered - with all that comes up during a consultation - time flies by. The tranquillity and space of the duration of a double consultation facilitate depth. This allows me to highlight the themes and dynamics that emerge in your natal chart more thoroughly, in more detail and at greater length. I combine various types of astrology (psychological, evolutionary, spiritual, structural/Invisible Luminaries and transpersonal). This requires more preparation time than when an astrologer uses just one type of astrology.

- There is also an option to address your birth chart in a quick consultation (online only). In that case, you give me your birth time and your question(s) not in advance but during the quick consultation, and I interpret your birth chart at that time. In a quick consult we can go into less depth and detail about your birth chart than in a consultation or a double consult. But the advantage is that we can schedule it faster, as no preparation time is needed. Depending on your natal horoscope, your question(s), and the interaction that starts, the duration of a quick consultation varies between forty and sixty minutes.

- If you have already had a consultation, double consultation or solar consultation with me and would like to address new questions or other issues with me from the perspective of the birth chart and/or current developments (progressions, transits and solar) then you can book a quick consultation (online or by phone only). We can schedule this more quickly as no preparation time is required.

Rates (exempt from VAT):
Includes preparation time, color print horoscope, digital audio recording via WeTransfer.

Live or via Skype:

Birth horoscope
For this I need: your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (the exact time is needed; if you don't know it, you can request it from the population register):

- consultation (one and a half hours): € 180

- double consultation (three hours): € 360

- quick consultation (forty to sixty minutes): € 1,50 per minute

(For explanation: see above under the heading 'Astrological consultations'.)

Solar chart
Only bookable after a birth chart consultation:
solar consultation (one and a half hours): € 180

Relationship horoscope
Both partners are present, also at the first and second consultation:
- first consultation, one partner (two hours): € 180

- second consultation, other partner (two hours): € 180

- third consultation, synastry and composite (two hours): € 180

If the consultation, double consultation, solar consultation or relationship consultation lasts longer (in view of the interaction that may occur during the consultation), the additional charge is € 90 per hour (pro rata).

Follow-up consultations:
- follow-up consultation: € 90 per hour
(including preparation time, digital audio recording via WeTransfer).
- quick consult (for questions/issues): € 1,50 per minute
(including digital sound recording via WeTransfer; for explanation: see above under the heading 'Astrological consultations').

At your home: against travel expenses.

At Tonnie & Co - Meeting Spaces (Amsterdam, Vrijheidslaan 43 and 100, ten minutes' walk from Amstel station): €40 extra for each relationship consultation, other consultations €20 extra.

Quick consultations: birth chart quick consultations online only, other quick consultations online or by phone.

In the unlikely event an appointment cannot take place, you can cancel or reschedule free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. After that, I will charge €75 for the preparations already made.

I maintain confidentiality as is customary with professional astrologers and transpersonal counselors.

Mail: lhermesdorf@yahoo.com

Chamber of Commerce: 85885363

Lars Hermesdorf
astrologer & counselor

Italian for almond. Designation for the almond-shaped figure created when two circles, or opposites, meet and unite, such as: heaven and earth, spirit and matter, male and female, yang and yin, outer and inner. The mandorla knows an extensive and deep symbolism, including: the soul manifesting itself beneficially in the world.